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KYDRA Hair Coloring


KYDRA Sweet Color — unparalleled long lasting toning treatments in 6 saturated shades with natural "sweet" coloring ingredients — are the real "treat" for the hair allowing of both independent and combined services in the salon.

KYDRA Sweet Color

Raspberry, blueberry, honey, chocolate, cinnamon, praline – it's your choice!

Уходы для волос Kydra Sweet Color

   Наименование услуги Service nameКороткие
Ароматный тонирующий десерт Fragrant toning dessert
KYDRA Sweet Color – уникальное стойкие тонирующие уходы в 6 сочных оттенках с натуральными «сладкими» красящими ингридиентами - являются истинным «лакомством» для волос. Малина, голубика, мед, шоколад, корица, пралине – выбор за вами!
KYDRA Sweet Color means unique long-lasting toning treatment in 6 rich shades with natural "sweet" dyes, which are a real "treat" for your hair. Raspberry, bog bilberry, honey, chocolate, cinnamon, and praline - the choice is up to you!
4000 4500 5000

KYDRA Sweet ColorThe one-of-a-kind concept of KYDRA luxurious color preserves the natural quality and structure of hair. It is an innovative combination of care, coloring and high quality service.

One of the key features of KYDRA luxury service is adding elixir of Ales, containing 99% of natural plant components, to KYDRA coloring, lightening, toning products.

Combination of KYDRA products and highly specialized care for colored hair - Secret Professionel by PHYTO – helps to get a phenomenal color and state of hair, creating a new quality standard in the salon coloring.

The widest range of KYDRA products allows stylists to get deep and rich colors when coloring and maintain the hair structure at the same time. Special natural ingredients contained in the KYDRA coloring agents help to achieve such a careful attitude to hair and to make the color change procedure softer.


The coloring agents contain Siegesbeckia extract which has a soothing effect and combats scalp irritation. This grass of Madagascar origin is used in traditional medicine for ages. Siegesbeckia extract soothes irritated skin, gently calming it.


Epaline, corn oil, is used to avoid hair structure damage during coloring. Corn oil has deep moisturizing properties, nourishes hair, and enriches it with useful elements. Besides, it has protective properties. Plant pigments will change the color and dye the gray hair reliably. The KYDRA color contains ninety percent of natural ingredients and absolutely no parabens and ammonia.


Soy extracts, rich in vitamins and fatty acids, are used to avoid the loss of necessary moisture and to strengthen the hair. It strengthens, restores, and locks in moisture. They penetrate into the hair scales and protect the hair from external chemical and thermal influences, keeping moisture and useful elements in the hair.

Окрашивание Kydra / Kydra Coloring

Наименование услуги Service nameКороткие ShortСредние
Длинные Long
Прикорневое Окрашивание Root touch-up 3600

Окрашивание Kydra PRET-A-PORTER Kydra PRET-A-PORTER dyeing

  • окрашивание в один тон в сочетании с уходом или тонированием one color dyeing with treatment or toning
  • окрашивание прикорневой зоны с последующим тонированием root touch-up with further toning
4500 6000 7000
Имиджевое окрашивание Kydra SURE MESURE Kydra SURE MESURE image dying
  • пилинг с последующим тонированием peeling with further toning
  • окрашивание с предварительной пигментацией dyeing with prior pigmentation
  • сложное выравнивание цвета complex uneven color correction
  • создание переходных цветов от более темных  корней к светлым концам creating hair color transitions from dark roots to lighter tips
5900 6500 7500

Эксклюзивное окрашивание Kydra HAUTE COUTURE Kydra HAUTE COUTURE exclusive dyeing

  • мелирование с последующим тонированием highlighting with further toning
  • прикорневое мелирование ( коррекция с последующим тонированием) root touch-up highlighting (correction with further toning)
  • полное блондирование натуральных волос с последующим тонированием complete bleaching of natural hair with further toning
  • балаяж, омбре,шатуш с последующим тонированием balayage, ombre, shatush with further toning
6900 8000 8500

 Изменение образа Kydra Авторский цвет Image change Kydra designer color

  • полное изменение образа (2-3 этапа) complete image change (2-3 stages)
  • коллекционные техники и их коррекции ( 3 и более цветовых направления) collector's techniques und their correction (3 and more color trends)
  • создание или коррекция цвета на самых "сложных хрупких волосах" dyeing and color correction for the most "exigent fragile hair"
7500 10500 12000

KYDRA Nature Hair Coloring

KYDRA Nature by PHYTO is a PHYTOSOLBA laboratory’s revolutionary solution in the field of coloring serving a basis for a system of long-lasting plant pigmentation. PHYTO-pigmentation by Kydra Nature is at least 80% of natural coloring base obtained from dyeing plants. The result is saturation of hair with natural coloring plant pigments, the cumulative effect improving the quality of hair from coloring to coloring, as well as safe use both for the client and for the hairdresser.

KYDRA Sweet Color