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Lebel BIO-lamination


Lebel BIO-laminationLEBEL COLOR PREFAL GEL - gel coloring agents which give your hair brightness and radiance without damaging the hair structure. They gently coat the hair and preserve its natural condition.

Beauty and naturalness - LEBEL Color Prefal gives the hair natural radiance and vitality. LEBEL color ensures good coloring without damaging the hair. You can enjoy the vivid and bright hair radiance and easy coloring process. The only thing that remains is to choose a color and apply on the hair.

Main properties of LEBEL Color Prefal Gel:

1. Semi-long lasting gel color.

2. No lightening.

3. Has ion penetrating formula that enhances the penetration of coloring particles, coats the hair and preserves the natural acidic environment. As a result, coloring does not damage the hair.

4. It contains PPT collagen which coats the hair, makes it shining and smooth. As a result we have natural dyeing and vivid colors.

5. Acid coloring agent, pH - 2-3.

6. It provides cellulose coating of the hair surface, makes your hair flexible, shining and smooth.

LEBEL Bio-lamination with Color Prefal Cream

Lebel BIO-laminationLEBEL COLOR PREFAL CREAM is bright, long-lasting coloring without any damage. Soft and elastic texture gives a luxurious result of coloring and unsurpassed long-lasting effect.

Creamy color that dyes the hair from the roots and has a soft texture is a perfect option for coloring gray hair.

Color Prefal Cream can be easily applied to the hair from the roots. It is easy to apply thanks to the creamy base with DP-emulsifier, and it colors the hair very well. Coloring effect is achieved without any damage to the hair. Soft and elastic texture gives bright and long-lasting colors.

The color is available in 10 shades allowing not only of coloring the gray hair, but also of changing hair color.

Main properties of Color Prefal Cream:

1. Semi-long-lasting coloring agent. Tone-to-tone coloring or coloring to a lower tone.

2. No hair lightening (no chemical reaction with hair melanin).

3. pH = 2.85.

4. No damage to hair.

5. 3-6 weeks lasting.

6. It is thick and does not flow to the scalp. It is easy to apply and to spread on the hair by brushing.

Lebel BIO-lamination

Special features of Color Prefal Cream:

1. The penetration of the coloring particles is improved due to the content of oil components rich in DP emulsion in the color. It makes the coloring process more efficient. Natural color is created, gray hair is colored thoroughly and reliably.

2. PPT Collagen creates a film on the hair surface which keeps the oil and moisturizing ingredients in the hair, making the coloring process more delicate. The result is bright, long-lasting coloring without damaging the hair. At the same time the PPT film keeps coloring pigments in the hair and prevents them from leaching.

3. The color is available in 2 lines of warm and cold colors which you can choose to achieve the desired result.