Maverick Beauty Studio

Business class beauty salon in the World Trade Center, Crowne Plaza
Vystavochnaya metro station, Delovoy Tsentr metro station (1 km),
Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station (1.5 km)
Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya, d. 12
+7 (495) 967-06-11 
+7 (495) 967-06-18
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AlessandroThe German company offering unique cosmetic products for hand and nail care. Over the years, it has been repeatedly given top awards for outstanding achievements in the field of cosmetology, which have become the recognition of Alessandro International product perfection.

The company was started by Silvia Troska who founded in 1989 the first nail studio on the basis of her own beauty institute. Over the years, a small company turned into a large giant of the cosmetics market with numerous plants and scientific and production laboratories located in Germany. Initially it was just an Alessandro nail studio at the beauty institute, where Silvia honed her nail art skills. It was this German of Polish origin who created the first UV gel to cover the nail plate, which did not cause skin allergy. And in as little as two years alessandro range of professional nail polishes included more than 180 different colours.

Thanks to Silvia, millions of women were given the opportunity to model their nails at their own wish, using a secure cured gel on acid-free basis. Nail SpaSeries for different types of nail plates (soft, thin, brittle, hard, problem) was developed and introduced in 1998: These products were designed taking into account the physiology and anatomy of the natural nails, so their composition ensures gentle and delicate care.

Lac Sensation became an innovative development and went on sale in 2011. It ensures fast drying, long-lasting and bright colour for a few weeks. Alessandro International is a rapidly developing company which commercialized release of health products for nail, hand and foot care. These products can restore the nail surface and, importantly, strengthen it.

Creams, gels, lotions Hands Up and Рedix skin care innovative lines are created on the basis of unique natural components. Pedix foot care series also includes MarinaVital unique natural complex promoting effective toning, moisturizing and nourishing of the skin. Dream Cream, created in 2010, became the discovery of the season and won many top awards and recognitions from the professionals.