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PECLAVUS профессиональная косметика Peclavus is a professional cosmetic line designed for general and cosmetic foot care. Manufacturing its cosmetic products Peclavus adheres to the concept: maximum of biologically active substances, minimum of artificial chemical components.
All Peclavus line products undergo detailed clinical trials and are tested in laboratory. Peclavus is produced in Germany, and therefore it is of true German quality.

Peclavus products are highly effective thanks to the content of biologically active substances which are scientifically and clinically substantiated. The cosmetic products contain rare and expensive plant extracts. Peclavus products solve a wide range of problems – from aesthetic foot care to serious medical problems solution (callouses, diabetic foot, fungal diseases). Peclavus cosmetic products are hypoallergic, therefore they can be used for all skin types, including very sensitive one. The products contain natural substances, such as white wax, essential oils, extract of grape seeds and leaves, ginkgo biloba, red algae, horse chestnut, aloe vera juice, vitamins and so on.
Daily application of Peclavus cosmetics helps cope with the following problems: foot skin keratinization, increased sweating, dry and cracked skin, poor skin turgor.

When you see NaTrue sign on a package, you may be sure that:

  • only natural biological components are used in the manufacture of cosmetics;
  • products contain no synthetic flavoring agents, coloring agents, petroleum derivatives (paraffins, PEG, propylene and so on), silicone oils or silicone derivatives, genetically modified components;
  • production is environmentally friendly;
  • ingredients contained in the cosmetic products have not been exposed to radiation;
  • no tests were conducted on animals during the formulation development.

There are 6 specialized serieses of Peclavus products:

Peclavus профессиональная косметика
Classic series - preparations for feet skin protection and general care.

Active series is designed for correction of mild physiological disorders (excessive sweat, tired legs).

Mycocide and Promedik serieses include preparations designed to solve medical problems (swelling of the lower extremities, onychomycosis and fungal dermatitis, callouses, cracks, nail plate structure defects).

Ortonix series is for ingrowing toenail treatment.

Diaped series is a special line for people with diabetes. Feet skin needs special care with this disease.

A new group of preparations used to treat restless legs includes gel, spray and cream containing extract of grape leaves. The ingredients of these products provide target microcirculation, lymph flow, vascular walls. Long-term stress on the legs, such as long-time standing, sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight, can cause violation of the venous outflow and microcirculation.

Without early treatment these factors can lead to chronic venous insufficiency, symptoms of which are feeling of heaviness in legs, pain, malleolus swelling, burning, night cramps. Massage with cream or gel removes the feeling of heaviness in legs, reduces swelling and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. The triad of preparations used for the treatment of restless legs syndrome may be used with varicose vein disease.

PECLAVUS профессиональная косметика