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Perle de Mer

Perle de MerThe secret of French cosmetics for skin hides in the deep sea... More than 10 species of marine algae, extracts, collagen and elastin of marine origin – all of them absorbed the powers of nature and inspired the beauty industry professionals to create professional cosmetics effectively changing the face and body skin.

The harmonious combination of active ingredients in Perle de Mer cosmetic formulas for skin provides not only therapeutic, but also aesthetic effect. Each product of this cosmetics brand is an amazing journey to the vast spaces of the ocean, relaxing sound of the sea and warm golden sands. And as long as your skin is being restored and giving a "second wind" to its beauty, you enjoy the feeling of absolute harmony and unity with nature.

Oceanic origin of salt water, collagen and sea algae makes them the most valuable ingredients of the cosmetic industry. Penetrating deep into the skin, they tune the correct functioning of all its cells literally filling them with youth and health.

Perle de Mer professional cosmetics combine all of the most useful and effective things that are hidden in the depths of the sea. This feature of the brand is reflected in its name which is translated from French as "pearl of the sea".

Perle de MerSea algae, rich in various macro- and microelements, nourish our skin with all necessary elements to maintain its perfection. Fucus, laminaria, spirulina - each of these algae has its own exceptional properties. Focus stimulates cellular metabolism accelerating the processes of fat breakdown and excretion. Also it activates cellular regeneration contributing to their renewal. Laminaria provides detoxication effect by eliminating toxins from skin, removes puffiness and with the same success counteracts the excess fat in cells. Spirulina has a place of honor among the "pearl of the sea" ingredients due to its anti-aging properties. Boosting the elastin production it strengthens and lifts the tissues, making the skin smooth and even. At the same time sea algae clean cells from toxins and fill them with necessary minerals.

Effectiveness of Perle de Mer cosmetics for skin is contributed to by the ingredients of vegetable origin. Cocoa beans tonify and rejuvenate the skin providing the professional cosmetics with lifting properties. Cranberry nourishes and renews skin cells increasing their protective function and preventing the appearance of pigment spots. Grape used by the cosmetic brand protects the epidermis from oxidative stress making it fresh and glowing and preventing aging. Blueberry strengthens blood vessels and heals skin diseases and papaya removes toxins and waste products. Herbal ingredients used in skin cosmetics production by the Perle de Mer specialists can be more complex. For example, plant cytoplasm fills cells with energy and vitality. And plant-derived DNA moisturizes the skin and contributes to its intense regeneration.

The unique combination of sea and botanical ingredients in professional cosmetics of the French brand allows us to solve many aesthetic problems of the face and body and at the same time to harmonize the client's state of mind and eliminate the effects of stress.

Perle de Mer cosmetics brand is not just a "pearl of the sea". This is a pearl of the cosmetology which helps every woman to feel herself as a goddess of beauty!

Perle de Mer