Maverick Beauty Studio

Business class beauty salon in the World Trade Center, Plaza Garden
Vystavochnaya metro station, Delovoy Tsentr metro station (1 km),
Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station (1.5 km)
Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya, d. 12
+7 (495) 967-06-11 
+7 (495) 967-06-18
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Alterna Haircare Professional Hair Care

Уходы для волос Alterna


Наименование услуги Service nameТоп-Стилист Top stylist
МОЛЕКУЛЯРНОЕ ВОССТАНОВЛЕНИЕ для глубоко поврежденных волос, включает уход и сушку с приданием формы: Molecular renewal for badly damaged hair includes treatment and blow styling:
- восстанавливает глубоко поврежденные волосы renews badly damaged hair
- содержит запатентованный комплекс строительных протеинов contains patended protein complex
- достраивает поврежденные участки изнутри completes damaged areas from the inside
- эффект от процедуры длится 30 дней the effect lasts for 30 days
Внимание: данный уход рекомендуется не ранее, чем через 2 недели после окрашивания. В течении 24 часов после процедуры избегать воздействия влаги! Attention: this therapy is recommended no earlier than two weeks after dyeing. For 24 hours after the therapy avoid moisture!
Интенсивный комплексный уход TEN для самых взыскательных, требовательных и искушенных клиентов – для адептов эффективной роскоши. TEN Intensive complex treatment for the most exacting, demanding, and sophisticated clients - for the adherents of effective extravagance.
Комбинация десяти уникальных люксовых ингредиентов делает волосы совершенными изнутри и дарит им роскошный внешний вид: The combination of ten luxury ingredients makes the hair flawless from the inside and gives them the magnificent look:
- гиалурованая кислота способствует поддержанию необходимого уровня влаги hyaluronic acid helps to maintain the necessary moisture level
- масло виноградных косточек обладает антиоксидантным действием grape seed oil has anti-oxidative action
- запатентованные комплексы Alterna защищают цвет от деградации, питают волосы и помогают усвоению активных веществ patented Alterna complexes protect the color from fading, nourish hair, and help to assimilate active materials

Alterna Haircare ALTERNA not only meets the needs of those who care about the beauty of their hair. It is ahead of its time, offering opportunities of the future. Bamboo, Ten, Caviar and other lines of American brand ALTERNA are designed for connoisseurs of hair beauty.

ALTERNA gives a new meaning to approach to the development of luxury products for hair care. Thus, the Italian white truffle oil, being one of the most expensive ingredients in the world, highlights the brand courage, extravagance and chic.

The base of ALTERNA three lines is the enzyme and therapeutic complex containing building components necessary to maintain the hair vitality and health.

Alterna Bamboo Line — Everyday Image in ECO-chic Style

Alterna Bamboo Line is care based on an extract of bamboo - the plant unique in its properties. Known for its rapid growth and strong stem, bamboo has become a source of inspiration for the entire Alterna Bamboo line .

All ingredients are certified by ECOCERT system. The plants used to obtain the ingredients were grown by indigenous communities of exotic countries and collected by hand for Alterna without harming the environment.

The Science of TEN – perfect daily care

The Science of TEN™ is a perfect combination of 10 key ingredients, collected in different parts of the world. A unique complex makes ordinary hair look one-of-a-kind. "Formula 10" gives an instant result and provides ideal daily care and intensive restoration with individual level of moisturizing, nutrition and protection.

The complex includes: extract of African cocoa, hyaluronic acid, Caviar-complex against hair aging™, complex of color fixation with phyto enzymes ®, Italian white truffle oil, seed oil of the grape from the French province of Champagne, extract of the Bulgarian evening primrose, bark of Moroccan soap tree, extract of arnica flowers, Arabic incense. "Formula 10" makes your hair incomparably luxurious.

Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Line — a Source of Youth

Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Line comprises products designed to effectively fight the signs of aging and prevent them with the help of the most advanced technologies. Affecting aging processes on the cellular level and saturating the hair with extracts of black caviar, Caviar complex products help minimize the visible signs of aging and dramatically improve the appearance of hair.

Three main elements of the anti-aging Caviar complex - extract of black caviar, a source of omega-3 fatty acids; Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant; cytokines, peptide information molecules that promote cell regeneration, make the hair look vibrant and young ... with an instant and long-lasting effect.

Alterna Haircare