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Bellefontaine Switzerland


Bellefontaine Swiss cosmetic line creates unique products that provide strong rejuvenating effect and allow regaining skin health and beauty.

Bellefontaine cosmetics have been developed under the Royal de Lux standards. The story of the brand birth has no minor details.

Bellefontaine Switzerland

   Наименование услуги Service nameВремя, мин Duration Цена услуги (руб.) Price (Rub)
Восстанавливающая программа Молодость Клеопатры Regenerative program "Youth of Cleopatra" 90 10400
Программа восстановления после солнца Recovery program after the sun 90 13700
Интенсивное увлажнение Шелк и роса Intensive moisturizing Silk and Dew 90 9100
Маска для лица по типу кожи Facial mask according to the skin type 20 3600

The idea of Bellefontaine belongs to Peter Yip. Asian roots, European education and years of experience in one of the Swiss cosmetic companies of premium class helped him to create a unique cosmetic brand. Bellefontaine combines the wisdom of the East and the tradition of Swiss cosmetics school. The fine sense of harmony and perfect quality.

A team of scientists, pharmacists, doctors and cosmetologists with pure Swiss thoroughness have searched for the perfect formulas. As a result, a unique EDELGEN complex – the basis for Bellefontaine products – appeared. It consists of seven ingredients which mutually reinforce each other's effect and add to the efficiency of other active substances. EDELGEN is a verified combination of the extracts of edelweiss mountain, butcher's broom, calendula, indian acorn, licorice root, yeast cell extract and pro-vitamin B5.

BellefontaineNumber seven is not coincidentally. This number is considered magic in the East. In the Swiss version it has combined seven the most effective ingredients.

Each ingredient is subject to the most careful selection.
For example, edelweiss flowers are collected only in ecologically clean, pristine areas of the Swiss Alps. The thin mountain air and the crystal water of glaciers give Edelweiss a special power Even the height at which the flower has grown is significant. It is always a mark of 1500-1600 m above sea level. The scientists discovered that an extract of edelweiss grown below 1300 m is inefficient and above 1700 m – toxic.

And the same attention to the minute details is given while collecting other ingredients of Edelgen. Only the best, safest and the most active ingredients are used in the cream.

All products of Bellefontaine contain structured glacial water. It has a set of microelements balanced by nature itself. The cleanest and soft glacial water is not only a perfect conductor, but also a powerful activator of beauty. It helps active water-soluble components to open themselves at most.

In Bellefontaine products special extracts of plant stem cells are widely used. They are absolutely safe and at the same time they have a strong regeneration potential. Launching the youth program in the skin cells, they provide an excellent impulse for the restoration of natural protective and moisturizing functions. As a result, time is seemed to turn back.


To work with age-related and mimic wrinkles in Bellefontaine products peptide complex is widely used. This ingredient simulates the action of botulinum toxin, but without injection and discomfort. The use of preparations with the hexapeptides provides a visible anti-aging effect and also can slow the aging process.

Another "secret element" to counteract age-related changes is isoflavones of Florentine iris. The chemical composition of isoflavones is similar to the estradiol, female hormone. The lack of this hormone eventually causes the loss of skin turgor, decrease of collagen and elastin production. Thanks to Bellefontaine products skin will stay smooth and elastic at any age.

In the body care products another unique Bellefontaine technology is used, namely, high-tech process of minerals extraction (malachite and rhodochrosite) that with the help of modern achievements reproduces the reverse sequence of minerals maturation. In fact, the "time vector" is changing. The minerals goes the way back from maturity to youth. And in this form of primary minerals they become a part of the unique formula of Bellefontaine preparations.

But perhaps the most important feature of the brand is that all Bellefontaine products are not only very effective, but also very safe. They can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and body oils are suitable even for baby's skin.

Bellefontaine cosmetics are designed to give beauty, to reveal the skin life potential, to recover its flawless, radiant appearance at any age.

Bellefontaine company avoids loud phrases and tempting promises. But those who have at least once tried treatments of Bellefontaine, do not agree to anything less.